For the highest potential venture opportunities, we will invest further with our own cash, potentially involving co-investors from our network of partners. That's why we established VS Ventures Ltd - a subsidiary of Venture Stream Ltd.

As a team of creative, technical and marketing experts, we're passionate about creating our own tools and software in order to push the boundaries of digital marketing and web development. The Ventures born from this creativity come to life in many ways and we have showcased just some of these creative ideas below.



With a commitment to continually innovate our offering to remain at the cutting edge of digital marketing, we created Venture Stream Aerial. The North East's most creative CCA-approved drone operator, offering aerial video, photography, surveying, 3D mapping and more.

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Shopulous is a service from Venture Stream which helps you discover trends and new shops and keep track of offers and emails in the UK retail market, all in one smart and beautiful space. Shopulous is a smart companion for keeping abreast of online retailing and marketing trends.

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Ask The Pigeon, a UK postcode portal, has been created by our Technology Director, Andy Redfern and the CommVia team.

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Early 2017 Venture Stream will be launching a brand new online marketplace called, “That’s Champion Pet”. This venture aims to create more business in the North East and build a community of Northern spirit online.

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