We understand that each element of a digital marketing strategy or website update is part of a wider business strategy.

That’s why we don’t only look at how each individual element is performing, but how they are performing and integrating together and, more importantly, how they are directly contributing towards meeting your key business objectives.

We also don’t look at ‘what’ the results are, but ‘why’. Although a 500% return on investment might make some agencies think “let’s keep doing what we’re doing”, we think, could we achieve 600%? If so, how? We continually analyse our performance and don’t just react when things don’t go well. We are proactive in our approach and continually fine-tune our approaches. ‘Best-practice’ can always be improved!


Find out more about how we have helped grow, cultivate and improve Frugi's performance. Read the case study below.

Vic (and the team at Venture Stream) has been a great help to us at Frugi, masterminding a great profitable Adwords campaign and improving our SEO. They have also given us a lot of fabulous tactical advice surrounding the procurement and implementation of a new ecommerce and back office system which is ongoing. They gave us much needed best practice advice that really makes a difference! Lucy Jewson, Founder and Managing Director, Frugi
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11th May 2017

5 Actionable Insights Online Retailers Can Take From Their Site Search Data

When explaining to people what I do for a living, I have found that the most relatable job I’ve had in the world of digital marketing and ecommerce was when I was an Online Trading…

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31st Aug 2016

A Definitive List of Affinity Categories & In-Market Segments

Google’s Affinity Categories and In-Market Segments have been with us a relatively short amount of time, and their potential still seems untapped, with many online retailers and lead generation companies somewhat unaware that such valuable targeting…

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11th Aug 2016

Top 5 CRO Tools For Shoestring Budgets

Conversion Rate Optimisation is still playing catch up to the rather more ubiquitous digital marketing acronyms such as SEO and PPC, and with less than 5% of marketing budgets being spent on conversion optimisation, it’s easy to…

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18th Jul 2016

Digital Marketing Toolkit for Start Ups

The idea of Digital Marketing strikes fear into some start-up companies who view the process as ‘Witchcraft’. Well if that was the case, people like the amazing talented team at Venture Stream would all be…

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