19th Dec 2018

The 12 Go-Lives of 2018

It seems only fitting as 2018 draws to a close that we reflect on the year’s work; and none of our work is quite so tangible and exposed as the websites that we lovingly consult…

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19th Apr 2018

Google Analytics Conversion Probability Launches BETA

This week saw the latest BETA release of a Google Analytics report; Conversion Probability. You can find it by logging in to your Google Analytics account, opening the ‘Audience’ suite of reports, expanding the ‘Behavior’…

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23rd Feb 2018

How Not To SEO, By Jack Pantysniffer

We stumbled across some suspicious looking blog posts by ‘Jack Pantysniffer’ – and here’s what we found…

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21st Feb 2018

Why Your Ecommerce Manager, SEO Agency & Web Developers Should Talk…

A recent project that has been a great example of just how powerful shared expertise can be is our Smarter Search campaign with Planet Organic.

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11th May 2017

5 Actionable Insights Online Retailers Can Take From Their Site Search Data

When explaining to people what I do for a living, I have found that the most relatable job I’ve had in the world of digital marketing and ecommerce was when I was an Online Trading…

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8th Feb 2017

Google Tests Card-Based SERPs

It’s rare that I feel so compelled as to put my cup of tea down, pick my laptop up, and show what’s on my screen to someone else in the office, but today was one…

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21st Nov 2016

Venture Stream Completes The Google Specialist Challenge

Venture Stream is a Google Partner, which means that because we’ve proved our worth when it comes to Google AdWords and Google Analytics, we get the occasional perk, reward, challenge or sneak-preview of new tools and…

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31st Aug 2016

A Definitive List of Affinity Categories & In-Market Segments

Google’s Affinity Categories and In-Market Segments have been with us a relatively short amount of time, and their potential still seems untapped, with many online retailers and lead generation companies somewhat unaware that such valuable targeting…

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11th Aug 2016

Top 5 CRO Tools For Shoestring Budgets

Conversion Rate Optimisation is still playing catch up to the rather more ubiquitous digital marketing acronyms such as SEO and PPC, and with less than 5% of marketing budgets being spent on conversion optimisation, it’s easy to…

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28th Jun 2016

Ellie Smith Successfully Completes Internship to Join as Digital Marketing Executive

I’m delighted to write that on the back of continued growth in 2016 that has seen Venture Stream partner with AlphaGraphics, and most recently commence working with four new clients in as many weeks,  Ellie Smith has successfully…

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14th Apr 2016

Google AdWords Ad Label Colour Under Testing

If you’re as eagle-eyed as our Creative Director, you may have spotted that Google seem to be testing an alternative ad label colour on Desktop. We first noticed it this morning (14th April), at around…

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13th Jan 2016

The Job Description: An Endangered Species

Are the days of the Job Description numbered? Here at Venture Stream, over the past two years, we have hired 10 people and with a couple of exceptional exceptions those people were hired after a…

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