24th Feb 2016

Facebook Reactions Available to Everyone

Facebook is set to get even more interactive with the global go-live earlier today of the much-awaited ‘Reactions’. Facebook users can now choose between a range of emotions – Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and…

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23rd Feb 2016

A Year of Business Development

The end of February marks a year since I was given the privilege of stepping up to become Business Development Director at Venture Stream. To say this past year has been the best of my…

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17th Feb 2016

How To Get the Most Out of Your Search Term Report

The search term report for me has to be one of the most powerful & insightful data resources AdWords has to offer and tells you exactly what people searched for when your ad was triggered.…

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9th Feb 2016

No E-commerce System is An Island

When John Donne penned the words to his great poem “No man is an island” he had a very clear point in mind – we are all connected. Your death diminishes me because we are…

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27th Jan 2016

Route 50: Flashbacks of a Digital Entrepreneur

At the very heart of Venture Stream is our founder and MD, Vic Morgan. Today he shares with us some of his memories and life adventures, leading up to this point in time and with…

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13th Jan 2016

The Job Description: An Endangered Species

Are the days of the Job Description numbered? Here at Venture Stream, over the past two years, we have hired 10 people and with a couple of exceptional exceptions those people were hired after a…

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26th Nov 2015

Venture Stream makes the Recommended Agency Register…again!

For the second year in a row, Venture Stream has the honour of being recommended by our clients which allows us to be listed on the RAR as a great partner agency by our existing…

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23rd Nov 2015

Welcome On Board Express Trainers

Active and sporty describes the team to a tee… honest! So it goes without saying that we’re very excited to welcome on board Express Trainers as a new client of Venture Stream. Express Trainers are…

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17th Nov 2015

Christmas Cliché Bingo ‘tis the season…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Christmas marketing clichés and, in all fairness, I’m a great lover of puns and huge, great-big, ginormous clichés. It’s an institution. So I’ve got used to,…

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10th Nov 2015

The Business of Blogging

As a business, you may have given consideration to running a blog on your website. Though perhaps you are not yet sure what a blog is, or even the purpose of having one. From its…

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3rd Nov 2015

Business Development & Customer Service go hand in hand

Being the Director of Business Development at one of the most exciting up and coming digital agencies is a true pleasure, but I know there is a stigma that comes with introducing yourself and being…

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27th Oct 2015

5 Reasons To Bid On Your Brand

To some people bidding on their brand when they are already number one for the organic result may sound like a strange strategy. Don’t get me wrong it’s a common thought and a question I…

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