21st Jun 2017

Affiliate Marketing Conduct 101 – What You Need To Know

Last week Instagram began testing a new tagging system that clearly labelled posts where paid content is present. This comes as part of Instagram’s attempt to introduce transparent marketing on the platform, as growing frustration…

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22nd May 2017

7 tips for working well as a (partially) remote team

Back in the olden days of a whole year ago, when I first joined, Venture Stream was almost entirely office-bound. With the exception of one part-time rebel, we worked in the same physical location and…

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17th May 2017

A Mantra for Digital Marketing Consultants: Always Be Consulting

One of my favourite films is Glengarry Glen Ross, a film about boiler room real estate salesmen featuring an all-star cast of Al Pacino, Kevin Spacy, Jack Lemon, Ed Harris and Alec Baldwin. Baldwin, the…

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11th May 2017

5 Actionable Insights Online Retailers Can Take From Their Site Search Data

When explaining to people what I do for a living, I have found that the most relatable job I’ve had in the world of digital marketing and ecommerce was when I was an Online Trading…

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3rd May 2017

Google Shopping: Segmenting Brand & Non-Brand Traffic

There has always been a “problem” associated with Google Shopping in the fact there are no keyword targeting options, meaning that whether your products appear or not is all dependent on what search terms Google…

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3rd May 2017

Walk In Her Shoes & Venture Stream

From May 8th, Venture Stream will be walking 10,000 steps every day for one week in support of Walk In Her Shoes. Whether pacing around the office, having more active meetings or ditching the car…

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24th Apr 2017

Benefits of Company and Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to play its part as the biggest professional social network worldwide. In our last LinkedIn blog, we looked at the best ways to make your LinkedIn account work the best it possibly can…

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18th Apr 2017

5 Quick Ways To Improve Your Emails Today

Here at Venture Stream we know how important it is to get your email marketing right. To help make sure you’re maximising your potential on your next send we’ve put together 5 quick ways you can…

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10th Apr 2017

4 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Sales Won’t Grow

We’re based in the North East of England and one of the biggest local employers is Nissan. When it first arrived in the North East, it revolutionised manufacturing processes largely through the Kaizen technique. Kaizen…

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3rd Apr 2017

4 Things to Expect As A Digital Marketing Intern

Internships are an attractive and highly sought after way to begin a career in the modern jobs market, both for junior and entry-level graduates looking to gain experience and test the waters of different workplaces,…

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27th Mar 2017

An Introduction to Inbound Marketing for Universities

Should Universities use inbound marketing to improve student recruitment? We introduce the principles of inbound marketing and apply them to education.

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16th Mar 2017

3 Ways Digital Marketing Can Boost Student Recruitment for Further & Higher Education Institutions

How to spend your school, college or university marketing budget most effectively: Three digital marketing points to consider in the education sector.

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