29th Jan 2018

A guide to why you should implement a smart content marketing plan – and how to do it.

By now I’m sure you’re well tuned to the notion of content marketing. It’s been big on the digital marketing agenda for quite some time, so this guide won’t just repeat what you already know.…

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21st Jun 2017

Affiliate Marketing Conduct 101 – What You Need To Know

Last week Instagram began testing a new tagging system that clearly labelled posts where paid content is present. This comes as part of Instagram’s attempt to introduce transparent marketing on the platform, as growing frustration…

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27th Mar 2017

An Introduction to Inbound Marketing for Universities

Should Universities use inbound marketing to improve student recruitment? We introduce the principles of inbound marketing and apply them to education.

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26th Jul 2016

The Role of Content in SEO Explained

“SEO IS NO LONGER A DISCIPLINE, IT’S A SKILLSET” The above observation came to my attention when reading one of PR practitioner, Michael White’s blog posts and it struck me how true a statement this…

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10th Nov 2015

The Business of Blogging

As a business, you may have given consideration to running a blog on your website. Though perhaps you are not yet sure what a blog is, or even the purpose of having one. From its…

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1st Jul 2014

The video advertising industry say it’s not.

Is two seconds enough time for anything? For decades we have been asking people to wait patiently for “just two seconds” I’ll literally be “two seconds” it will only take “two seconds”. However, members of…

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