30th Jan 2019

SEO Spider Crawling Tips for Ecommerce Sites

SEO Spider Crawling Tips for Ecommerce Sites Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to attend the world’s first ever SEO Spider training, hosted by none other than Charlie Williams – SEO strategist for Screaming Frog.…

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23rd Feb 2018

How Not To SEO, By Jack Pantysniffer

We stumbled across some suspicious looking blog posts by ‘Jack Pantysniffer’ – and here’s what we found…

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16th Jan 2018

The Do’s and Don’ts of SEO in 2018

Want to know how to SEO your website in 2018? Check out our do’s and don’ts checklist to find out how to rank and avoid being penalised by Google.

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8th Feb 2017

Google Tests Card-Based SERPs

It’s rare that I feel so compelled as to put my cup of tea down, pick my laptop up, and show what’s on my screen to someone else in the office, but today was one…

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7th Sep 2016

The Benefits Of Google My Business For Local Businesses

We live in an age now where information is not only easily accessible but expected. Whether you’re looking for the closing time of your nearest supermarket, the price list for a hair salon or the…

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26th Jul 2016

The Role of Content in SEO Explained

“SEO IS NO LONGER A DISCIPLINE, IT’S A SKILLSET” The above observation came to my attention when reading one of PR practitioner, Michael White’s blog posts and it struck me how true a statement this…

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24th Jun 2016

Video SEO 101: Optimising Video Content for YouTube Search

There is no denying that 2016 has been the year of online video.  As YouTube becomes the #2 website in the world (finally surpassing social media giant Facebook) and with figures suggesting that by 2019…

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19th Aug 2015

Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

Search Engine Ranking. The seemingly uncrackable safe that is Google’s algorithm. Without seeing Google’s algorithm, understanding how to ‘trick’ the system in your favour seems to be some mythical beast that everyone is trying to…

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19th Nov 2014

Why Should Your Site Be Mobile-Friendly? Because Google Says So.

Google’s mission to help users find mobile-friendly pages has stepped up a gear with their recent announcement that a new ‘mobile-friendly’ label will appear, prefixing a page’s meta description on mobile search results pages. Although…

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