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In 2002 Asquith was founded by Alice Asquith. Through Alice's passion for yoga and Pilates as well as her unique flare for beautiful fashion brought the creation of Asquith clothing.
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With an ageing platform, limited e-commerce functionality and poor usability on tablets, Asquith was in need of a fully responsive build.


Venture Stream was appointed to architect, design and build a full Magento install of a custom-built site for Asquith. Using the latest responsive design techniques and methodologies, Venture Stream created a site which was both beautiful and functional across the myriad of desktop and mobile devices of today.


Since implementing the new version of the Asquith site:

  • Increased overall conversion rate by 64%
  • Increased mobile conversion rate by 220%
  • Increased mobile revenue by 331%
  • Increased mobile average order value by 8%
  • Decreased exit rate by 16%
  • 64% conversion rate increase
  • 220% mobile conversion rate increase
  • 331% increase in mobile revenue
  • 8% increase in mobile AOV

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