Barbour: PPC Management

Barbour has been a family owned business in the North East for 5 generations and has been in existence since 1884.
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We were appointed to manage the paid search marketing activity for the transactional sites in both the UK and Germany, with the remit of reducing cost, improving return on investment, and driving more profitable sales through the direct to consumer channels.


Venture Stream has been working with British luxury heritage fashion brand, Barbour, since early 2015.


Our approach to PPC optimisation and management has seen us achieve the following so far:

  • Reduced average CPC by 30.98%
  • Increased first time visits by 12.79%
  • Increased revenue-per-click by 16.27%
  • Increased CTR by 50.70%
  • Increased return on advertising spend by 68.37%
  • 30.98% Reduced average CPC
  • 12.79% Increased first time visits
  • 16.27% Increased revenue-per-click
  • 50.70% Increased CTR
  • 68.37% Increased return on advertising spend

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