Frugi: Search Marketing

Frugi is an ethical clothing company that prides itself on producing good quality organic clothing for babies, toddlers and Mums.
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Venture Stream has been working with organic children’s clothing brand, Frugi, for over two years, across the marketing mix, including PPC, SEO Consultancy, Digital Strategy and E-Commerce Consultancy.


We took over the management of Frugi’s affiliate programme in February 2014, and have grown and improved the performance of the channel.


  • Increased traffic via the affiliate channel by 51.17% year on year
  • Increased affiliate channel revenue by 318% year on year
  • Increased number of transactions via the channel by 160.74% year on year
  • Increased number of first time customers via the channel by 25.93%
  • Increased conversion rate via the channel by 72.47%
  • 51.17% Increased traffic through affiliates
  • 318% Increased affiliate channel year on year
  • 160.74% Number of transactions YOY
  • 25.93% Increased number of first time customers
  • 72.47% Increased conversation rate

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