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Launched in April 2016, Master Debonair is an award-winning independent menswear retailer, specialising in tailoring and bespoke suits, along with casual wear and accessories for the stylish gentleman. Working with Master Debonair, Venture Stream planned, designed and built a new Shopify ecommerce platform for the online store.
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The Challenge

Following rapid growth from a small idea in 2015 to a multi-million pound menswear business with 22 staff, a unique store, private showroom, several offices, a distribution centre and becoming winners of the Drapers ‘Best New Business’ award, all within 18 months, Master Debonair had outgrown its previous site and its online presence needed to be adapted to reflect the success and growth of the business.


Returns & Stock Management: With the significant growth of Master Debonair came the identification of several pain-points. Their returns management process was no longer working for them, taking too much time and frequently causing issues with refunding and restocking items. Multi-site stock management was also proving to be an issue as stock was held in two locations, and they needed a system that allowed them to see inventory by location and easily transfer stock between these locations.

User Experience: Next was the online store experience, look and feel. Although Master Debonair were greatly established in-store and via their substantial social media presence, this wasn’t translating to the online store and therefore low conversion rates were being yielded. A fresh update with user experience and brand image at the forefront was needed.

Social Media Dependence: Master Debonair were also heavily dependent on social media marketing, in particular Facebook Advertising, which was a great source of revenue for them. However, Master Debonair wanted to explore further digital marketing avenues to allow them to prove a well-rounded model and assess their returns both pre and post new site launch.

Stock Forecast: Master Debonair required a solution to forecast stock based on min/max levels and demand and potentially semi-automate the order process with external suppliers.


With the above challenges in mind, Venture Stream proposed three main objectives that would achieve smoother processes for Master Debonair to manage their online store and create a better user experience for visitors to the Master Debonair site.

The Objectives

Implementing various new systems to help Master Debonair manage their business processes more effectively.


  • Implement a new returns management system to remove manual returns work
  • Recommend a new accountancy package to run business and payroll
  • Introduce multi-location, order management and pick/pack support systems.
  • Introduce stock barcoding system to quickly process incoming stock
  • Introduce integration with DPD UK to efficiently generate shipments for customer orders


Create a new Shopify front-end and style to the Master Debonair site.


  • Identify a Shopify theme that satisfies all product and experience requirements
  • Redesign the theme in-keeping with the distinctive tone of Master Debonair’s style and branding
  • Front and back-end work to implement new theme, products and back-end applications
  • Assist with identification and provision of product and lifestyle photography.


Augment existing and integrate new digital marketing channels.


  • Implement a paid Google Adwords advertising strategy that delivers an impressive ROAS on both brand and non-brand campaigns
  • Use Facebook Advertising to implement best-practice campaigns and optimise existing ads
  • Implement an email marketing system and test initial campaigns.

“Working with Venture Stream is seamless, nothing is over-promised and everything is delivered. We feel we have a very clear extension to our team, communication and advice is spot on and the results speak for themselves.”

Eve Whitaker
Eve Whitaker Founder Master Debonair


The Service/Solutions

Marketing & Scoping

  • Implementation of Google Advertising over a period of three months initially to prove a model and gain enough volume to assess competitive landscape
  • Design and development of a responsive, custom Master Debonair email template, with correct setup of MailChimp and Mandrill accounts for email marketing
  • Design and production of six initial email marketing campaigns with various strategies; brand awareness, customer reactivation and lifecycle marketing. A/B tests will be carried out across each campaign to assess the impact and ongoing viability of email marketing.

Design, Photography & Systems

  • Redesign of the existing Master Debonair online store and coordination of photography with ecommerce best practice
  • Setup of Shopify development stores
  • Redesign of Shopify theme
  • Reinterpretation of products, brands and catalogue data.



  • Coding of custom features and implementation of Shopify template
  • Addition of warehouse management, customer service and returns, stock management, front-end filtering and all Shopify best practice apps and configuration
  • Ongoing operational and management consultancy throughout the design production, development, back end development and integration.
  • Bespoke development of barcode generating system based on Shopify Transfers and integration with DPD Ship@Ease to generate, print and send DPD labels for customer shipments


Go Live, Post-Live Marketing & Support

  • Implementation and digital management of Google Adwords channel, including shopping and all remarketing activity
  • Management and analysis of email marketing campaigns
  • Run Facebook marketing campaigns
  • Write and implement SEO content across the site
  • Assist with analytics and Shopify content training of internal staff
  • Development of email marketing templates, with design and send of pre and post-launch emails
  • Ongoing strategic marketing campaign support.

The Results


Since the launch of the store, Master Debonair have seen some fantastic results. Site traffic has successfully made it to the top 1% of all Shopify stores that launched in the same week. On top of this achievement, in the last month (June 2018), 13% of abandoned checkout recovery emails were successful compared to the average of 7% for other Shopify stores.

Overall Results

  • 25% increase in total sales
  • 45% increase in total orders
  • 40.20% increase in online store sessions
  • 37.33% increase in revenue
  • 12.77% increase in conversion rate
  • 17.70% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 26.19% increase in mobile revenue
  • 24.08% increase in returning customer rate
  • 54.52% decrease in cart abandonment

Marketing Results

  • 42.71% increase in new users
  • 856% average ROAS
  • 185% increase in email-generating revenue
  • 103.78% increase in email conversion rate

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