Pen Shop: Loyalty Program

The Pen Shop is the largest writing instrument specialist in Europe. It is one of the only two pen shop chains in the world. The Pen Shop started in 1858 in Newcastle by brothers Thomas and George Allan.
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The Pen Shop needed to improve customer retention, increase the frequency of purchase and get to know customers both in store and online.


Venture Stream worked with The Pen Shop to take ownership of a brand new loyalty scheme, named the Platinum Club, and designed, printed and produced luxury cards for distribution in stores across the country and online. This helped tie multi-channel, multi-store orders to individual customers and, in return, helped The Pen Shop learn more about how they could better service and reward loyal customers.


Since its inception in late 2014, the Pen Shop Platinum club now:

  • Has over 15,000 loyal club members across the UK
  • Has enabled The Pen Shop to segment existing customers by complicated purchase data
  • Increased order frequency by 1.8x
  • Increased CTR from marketing emails by¬†41%
  • Had a proven ROI of over 3,500%
  • 15,000 Platinum Club members
  • 18x orders from club customers
  • 41% CTR from club emails
  • Over 3,500% ROI

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