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Planet Organic has been a Venture Stream client since 2014 and is the UK’s largest fully-certified organic supermarket with seven stores across London and a successful online store -
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Planet Organic opened the doors of its first store in Muswell Hill, London in 1995 and went on to open six more stores across the city.

Having achieved so much success in stores, in 2010, Planet Organic ventured online and launched its first basic, but transactional website.

By October 2014, Planet Organic had re-launched a far more sophisticated ecommerce store - the same store that exists today.


The launch of the new site marked the moment that Planet Organic first began focusing on ecommerce as a legitimate opportunity to generate revenue for the business and enlisted the services of Venture Stream to assist with the site’s launch.

Initially, this saw Venture Stream partnered with Planet Organic to begin Paid Search campaigns for the first time, but with no internal ecommerce team, Venture Stream soon became a partner, delivering an end-to-end ecommerce and digital marketing strategy in order to ensure the success of the site’s launch and beyond.

The Service

As a client of over four years, the services Venture Stream have assisted Planet Organic with have evolved alongside the needs of the business.

Four years after launching, generates over £2 million in revenue for the business - growing by 28% in the last 12 months alone.

Venture Stream continues to be a partner to Planet Organic, with current services delivered including:

  • Ecommerce Management
  • PPC Management
  • SEO Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding & Design
  • Bespoke Website Design (Shopify & Magento)



That rare thing, a consultancy that really engages and seeks to understand our business in order to provide a tailored service that has seen our e commerce sales exceed growth expectations. Great team.

Al Overton
Al Overton Buying Director

Ecommerce Management

Rather than hire an in-house ecommerce manager, Planet Organic trust Venture Stream to handle all of their ecommerce management tasks. This includes the creation of product categories, homepage banners, product merchandising, offer creation and monitoring the results of all ecommerce activity (from product and offer performance, to category performance).

It’s Venture Stream’s responsibility to ensure that the site continues to increase revenues month-on-month and year-on-year.

  • 27% increase in revenue YoY
  • 27% increase in transactions YoY
  • 8.2% increase in eCommerce conversion rate YoY
  • 15% increase in unique purchases YoY
  • 15% increase in basket quantity YoY
  • £50+ minimum average order value over last two years

Pay-Per-Click Management

Venture Stream manage a six-figure annual PPC budget for Planet Organic and are tasked with achieving a minimum 500% ROAS. 35% of all website users come through paid search.

  • 442% ROAS
  • £483,000 generated in last interaction sales
  • 47% increase in last interaction conversions YoY
  • 41% increase in last interaction conversion value YoY

Search Engine Optimisation

Since the site launched in 2014, Venture Stream has been ensuring that Planet Organic attains and retains top positions on Google and other search engines for a whole host of brand and non-brand search terms.

In 2018, Venture Stream launched its dietary SEO campaign for Planet Organic, to create shopping categories around diets in order to rank for high-volume terms specific to those shopping to cater for their dietary needs.


In the first three months...

  • 6,915 sessions started with a visit to a Diet Shop category, resulting in 51 transactions worth £2,816
  • 19,825 sessions have included a visit to a new Diet Shop categories, resulting in 885 transactions (7.88% of total) worth £48,685 (8.5% of total)

Users visiting a Diet Shop category:

  • 4.46% conversion rate (1.99% site avg.)
  • 12.75 pages visited / session (3.63 site avg.)
  • 9m12s time on site averaged (2m34s site avg.)

Email Marketing

Each week, Venture Stream design, build and send 2-3 marketing emails to Planet Organic's database. In addition to these top level emails Venture Stream also segment and target audiences dependant on location - this helps support and drive traffic not only online but aids the in-store business by creating campaigns to increase footfall, i.e. specialist discounts, event advertising, click & collect messaging.


Furthermore, Venture Stream also segments data using customer preference and shopper habits to construct relevant campaigns during sales to target customers with bespoke offers for them. These are sent out monthly and have seen a positive uplift in revenue and customer engagement.


  • 6.82% of all website revenue attributed to email marketing
  • £140,000+ total annual revenue generated through email
  • 2-3 emails designed, created and sent each week
  • 100,000 strong database built over 4 years

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way to both advertise your products and generate sales. Through its affiliate network, Planet Organic connects with a network of publishers that can promote relevant products stocked at to their audiences. In turn, these publishers then take a commission percentage for sales generated as a result of traffic coming through from the publisher’s website. This makes affiliate marketing a win-win - the publisher collects their commission only when sales are achieved.


As well as establishing Planet Organic’s Venture Stream ensures that only deserving publishers with legitimate and relevant platforms are accepted onto the Planet Organic affiliate programme. This means we handle all requests to become an affiliate partner, as well as researching and approaching excellent publishers to become affiliate partners.


  • £100,000+ generated by affiliates in annual sales contribution
  • 800 publishers promoting Planet Organic content, including niche partnerships
  • 37% growth in sales through affiliates YoY

Branding and Design

Planet Organic regularly require banners, content, social media graphics and paid search ads to be designed, created and regularly updated to showcase different offers, promotions, brand launches and more.

As end-to-end partners, Venture Stream create these whenever needed and test each graphic to ensure that every marketing message resonates with customers resulting in the desired action - usually to generate revenue.


  • 27% increase in on-site revenue YoY
  • 40% increase in Paid Search revenues YoY

Bespoke Website Design - Shopify

Made By Planet Organic

As well as digital marketing expertise, Venture Stream has been commissioned by Planet Organic to build two new websites for the business.

The first, a transactional own-brand subscription website showcasing Planet Organic’s own-label ranges -

The new site allows Planet Organic customers to buy own-brand products in bulk and benefit from discounts or, alternatively, subscribe to receive a customised selection of own-brand products to be delivered regularly to their door (either every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks).

The site has already proved popular with customers and will be a key component in Planet Organic’s strategy as it looks to grow its own-brand offering.




Bespoke Website Design - Magento

Planet Organic Living

Planet Organic also commissioned Venture Stream to design and build a Magento marketplace.

With retail space in London at a premium, Planet Organic were stuck between a rock and a hard place - longing to expand its range and stock more brands in stores, but restricted by the space available to do it.

This lead to Venture Stream working closely with Planet Organic to make this a reality online and in 2018, officially launched to the public, where consumers can shop from over 2,000 ethical, Fairtrade and sustainably-sourced products.

So far, over 80 brands have been approved to list 2,230 products on the marketplace, including Komodo, Elephant Box, ETHCS, EcoEgg and Asquith.


  • 80 brands signed up
  • 2,230 products listed

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