Yogamatters: Magento Design, Development & Launch

Venture Stream planned, designed and built an all-new responsive web platform for Europe’s biggest Yoga specialist. Venture Stream also carried out a complete replatform from proprietary e-commerce software to Magento and the Sage 200 accounting system and integrated with Yogamatters’ fulfilment provider.
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The Challenge

Having outgrown its previous ecommerce platform and with the website in need of a design and system update to both transform the site’s aesthetics, functionality and user experience, the team at Yogamatters provided us with a detailed brief that included a list of project deliverables.

The brief was detailed in its requirements and was a good assessment of where Yogamatters business was at the time of writing. This gave us a clear idea of what the Yogamatters’s team would like to see from the new site and, using our knowledge of online retail best-practice and experience working with other brands, we recognised that looking at the bigger picture in our proposal would ensure the new proposed site would meet Yogamatters’s immediate requirements, reach its full potential and benefit from longevity.

With this in mind, Venture Stream proposed a comprehensive front and back-end solution to the Yogamatters Request for Proposals that not only met or exceeded the requirements in every area, but anticipated the future requirements of Yogamatters for the new site.

The Objectives

The main objectives of the Yogamatters webshop development and online marketing project were:

• To deliver a consumer e-commerce website that will leverage the best online retail practices and relaunch Yogamatters as a best-in-class yoga product retailer.

• Design and build a webshop that not only serves the needs of customers, but also brand ambassadors and wholesale clients.

• Migrate the existing accounting and warehouse order integration systems to a new platform to create the necessary foundation that will facilitate business growth.

• For the site to be designed for maximum search engine optimisation (SEO) performance.

• Replace the existing ERP MiCommerce system with an updated developed system.

• Deliver a comprehensive multi-channel online marketing plan for both pre- and post-launch.

The Service

Venture Stream’s solution involved the detailed configuration and integration of the best ecommerce systems on the market. This would create a bespoke structure that delivers an effective front and back-end solution that meets Yogamatters’s business requirements.

The specified system was built with longevity in mind and will allow the business to grow to £10million turnover and beyond without any major upgrades.

Key Services for Yogamatters


- Supporting Yogamatters management on the strategic planning, development and implementation of a complete e-commerce business solution, encompassing the technology and website build as well as digital marketing support.

- The support and training of internal staff across marketing and website.

- Transparent project management, weekly KPI reporting and monthly progress review.

- Ongoing, front-line support each month post-launch of the website as well as 24x7 support for website-critical support and on-site availability as needed.


- Undertake a comprehensive User Experience (UX) audit of the current site and accompanying competitor analysis to ensure that the new website architecture was constructed to include all appropriate features and functionality.

- Design and develop new Yogamatters webshop on Magento platform.

- Oversee the integration of Sage 200, which will provide a seamless integration of purchasing, stock management, financial accounts, credit accounts and other key commercial features required by the business.

- Deliver a progressive, user-centric design that naturally translates to mobile or tablet devices with a heightened interest of design integrity to enable mobile users to shop remotely with ease on the new eCommerce experience.


- Oversee and implement an overarching strategic digital marketing plan extending to both pre- and post-launch.

- Management of digital marketing channels - email marketing, SEO / content marketing, social media, PPC and Affiliates.

- Customer relationship management (CRM) reporting (e.g., lifetime value) and marketing initiatives.

- Contribute to centralised digital marketing calendar.

- Assist in wider partner and consultant development activities to integrate 3rd party developments seamlessly into the project e.g. Incorporation of Yogamatters brand refresh and new product imagery into site design and marketing initiatives.

The Results

The new website delivered a mobile optimised, flexible framework which would scale with Yogamatters continued growth as well as a dynamic, responsive and intuitive design that delivered on both design and user experience requirements.

Although the overhaul of the existing Yogamatters back-end system and migration to the new Sage 200 system was complex due to the importance of the integrity of data, Yogamatters now benefits from a well-tested and fully integrated warehouse and accounts system.

The combination of and integration between Magento and WordPress systems as well as migration to Sage Solution allows the site to have optimum scalability and functionality as an ecommerce site as well as be easy to use, benefiting from the WordPress CMS as a popular and familiar tool for users.

  • 10% increase in session duration
  • 14% increase in conversion rate
  • 34% increase in revenue
  • 47% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 142% increase in mobile revenue

We’re delighted to announce that the new Yogamatters website has been awarded ‘Best Ecommerce Website’ at the 2017 Northern Digital Awards.
The judges commented that we had submitted “an excellent entry that showed outstanding results with conversion and ROI figures clearly presented, demonstrating to the judges that it was a clear winner”.

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  • Northern Digital Awards 2019 Shortlist
  • Northern eCommerce Awards Winner
  • Ecommerce Awards Winner
  • Northern eCommerce Awards Winner
  • Northern Digital Awards Winner

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