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Conducting this testing means you can be sure that your existing or new website is working at its best. The last thing you want your website to do is to put off visitors from contacting you or making purchases through your site because of poor functionality – as this can directly impact amount of revenue and number of leads generated.

We conduct this testing to the highest standards for our clients to deliver websites that put the user at the centre of website design and innovation.

When constructing a new ecommerce website for our client Yogamatters, we conducted User Acceptance Testing to develop a user-friendly site that would boost revenue from day one. Find out more about the results it delivered by reading the case study below.


User Acceptance Testing Will Test:

Website Compatibility

This includes across all hardware (mobile, tablet, PC devices) and software (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing, Firefox)


From first click to checkout, ensuring all of your website’s components are fully functioning

Roadmap Validation

It might be that there’s a roadblock somewhere in your customer journey or an illogical process

Website Compatibility

Error Identification: Any broken links or process errors will be found and rectified

Website Efficiency

Are pages taking too long to load and causing users to exit your site? Testing will find out so that any problems can be fixed.

Over the past 2 years, Venture Stream has been providing The Pen Shop with a stellar service in accelerating growth in our e-commerce business, which is now a source of strategic advantage for our sector-leading retail business. The Venture Stream team have provided a truly end-to-end service including designing and building an omni-channel webshop platform, developing integrated marketing strategies and managing all aspects of the digital marketing mix. Financial results have been great - sales have tripled and ROI across all channels consistently meets or beats plan - our online business is now the most profitable financial part of The Pen Shop business. Andy Briggs, Finance Director, The Pen Shop
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